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Ankara University, Turkey

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Institute of Medical Technology and Equipment, Poland

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Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Czech Republic

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Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport, Vietnam

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5th International Conference ELEKTRO 2004

Table of Contents

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Preventive Methods for ATM Mode Control flash_logo_35
9 - 12
Wavelet Denoising of NMR Signal Using QMF Filter Bank Designed by Remez Algorithm flash_logo_35
13 - 16
Resources of Digital FIR Filters Hardware Implementation in FPGAs for Digital Image Processing in Real Time flash_logo_35
17 - 20
Reliability of Telecommunication Systems by Various Repair Regime flash_logo_35
25 - 26
Computers and the Teaching of the Technical Subject flash_logo_35
27 - 28
Measurement of the Switching Force without Force Sensor flash_logo_35
29 - 32
Current and Speed Control of the Switched Reluctance Motor flash_logo_35
33 - 34
Design and Parametr Analysis of Switched Reluctance Motor with Permanent Magnets flash_logo_35
35 - 38
Linear and Planar Variable Reluctance Motors for Flexible Manufactoring Cells flash_logo_35
39 - 42
On the Large Synchronous Machine Parameters Calculatioin flash_logo_35
43 - 46
Intelligent Compact Drive System with a Synchronous Variable Reluctance Motor flash_logo_35
47 - 50
Transformer Load-Tap Changers: State-of-Art and Trends flash_logo_35
51 - 54
Technical Benefits of Tram Vehicle Energy Accumulator flash_logo_35
55 - 58
Excitation of Oscillation on Input Filter of Traction Vehicle with Induction Motor flash_logo_35
59 - 62
Features of Traction Transformer Windings Utilised as Inductances flash_logo_35
63 - 66
Traction Converting Substation from Viewpoint of Feeding Interlocking Plant at Czech Railwayes flash_logo_35
67 - 70
Powers of Traction Rectifier Substation of DC ELectric Railways 3kV flash_logo_35
71 - 72
Electrical Energy Quality Studies in 3 kV DC Electric Traction Systems for Different Schemes of Connection Traction Substation to Power Utility System flash_logo_35
73 - 78
Single-Phase Power Theory Using Orthogonal Transformations flash_logo_35
79 - 82
Decentralised Power Active Filters flash_logo_35
83 - 86
Developing Trends of Railway Traffic Control flash_logo_35
87 - 90
Modelling of Failure Effect to Integrity of System flash_logo_35
91 - 94
Hash Mechanisms Suitable for Transmission of Safety - Related Messages flash_logo_35
95 - 98
Examination of Level Crossings on ETCS Equipped Lines with Complex Simulation flash_logo_35
99 - 102
Distribution of AC Contact Network Electric Field Strenght flash_logo_35
103 - 104
Methodology Used to Create System Architecture for its in Slovakia flash_logo_35
105 - 108
Issues of ERTMS Implementation at the Polish Railways flash_logo_35
109 - 112
Optimalization of selected RFID systems Parameters flash_logo_35
113 - 114
Solving of some Problems with On-Line Mode Measurement of Partial Discharges flash_logo_35
115 - 118
Virtual Instruments for Detecting Rotor Faults in Induction Motors flash_logo_35
119 - 122
Study of High Temperature Insulation Materials flash_logo_35
123 - 126
Power Analysis of Traction Transformer under Non-Sinusoidal Conditions flash_logo_35
127 - 130
Analysis of Electromagnetics Forces on Magnetically Suspended High-Speed Trains flash_logo_35
131 - 134
Adaptive testing of Materials using Preisach Model Parameters Variations - Introductory Tests flash_logo_35
135 - 138
Modelling of Magnetic Field Shielding and Penetration into Superconducting Strips flash_logo_35
139 - 142
Higher Frequency Magnetic Single Sheet Tester flash_logo_35
143 - 144
Magnetic and Electric Properties of Magneto polymer Composites flash_logo_35
145 - 148
Magnetic Non-destructive Testing of Plastically Deformed Mild Steel flash_logo_35
149 - 152
Transient Magnetic Field in a Conducting Cylinder flash_logo_35
153 - 156
Capacitive Coupling in Double-Circuit Transmission Lines flash_logo_35
157 - 160
Comparison of Systems for Levitation Heating of Electrically Conductive Bodies flash_logo_35
161 - 166
Circuit Model of Traction Load under Non-Sinusoidal Conditions flash_logo_35
167 - 168
The Errors Caused by Test Site Configuration at the Radiated Emission Measurement flash_logo_35
169 - 172
Measurement of Ultra-Short Solitary Electromagnetic Pulses flash_logo_35
173 - 176
Propagation of Microwaves Thought Atmospheric Environment flash_logo_35
177 - 182
IF-Filters for Mobile Telephones flash_logo_35
183 - 184
Slew Rate and Step Response of the Noninverting Structure with an Operational Amplifier flash_logo_35
185 - 188
Electromagnetic Phenomena as the Principles of Material Nondestructive Evalution flash_logo_35
189 - 192
Basic Principles and Utilization Possibilities’ of Ultrasonic Phased Array in Material Nondestructive Evaluation flash_logo_35
193 - 196
Instantaneous Switching Processes in Quasi-Linear Circuits flash_logo_35
197 - 200
A General Purpose Electromechanical Simulator for Switches Used in the Rehabilitation of Communication-Impaired People flash_logo_35
201 - 204
A vocalisation-based drawing interface for disabled children flash_logo_35
205 - 208
A System for Monitoring Pressures and Spinal Curvature in Spinally Injured People Immobilised on a Spinal Raft flash_logo_35
209 - 212
Pathological Deformations of Brain Vascular System Modelling Using Analogous Eletromagnetic Systems flash_logo_35
213 - 216
Analysis of Vibration Microgenerator flash_logo_35
217 - 218
Progress in Programmable Logic flash_logo_35
219 - 222
Comparing image compression methods in biomedical applications flash_logo_35
223 - 226
Microwave Measurements of Ferrite Polymer Composite Materials flash_logo_35
227 - 230
The Dispersion Characteristics of the Complex Permeability of NiZnCu Ferrite and its Composite Materials flash_logo_35
231 - 234
Electromagnetic Properties of Substituted Ba - Ferrites by Selected Cations flash_logo_35
235 - 238
Influence of Substituion on Barium Ferrite Properties flash_logo_35
239 - 242
Analysis of Acoustic Spectra Reflecting Ion Transport Processes in Glassy Electrolytes flash_logo_35
243 - 246
Advanced Method of the Elastomagnetic Sensors Calibration flash_logo_35
247 - 248
Evaluation of Magnetic Polymer Composite Parameters from FMR Measurement flash_logo_35
249 - 252
The Generation of Higher Order Diffraction Beams by Photorefractive Record of Harmonic Optical Field flash_logo_35
253 - 256
Interference Imaging of Refractive Index Distribution in Thin Samples flash_logo_35
257 - 260
The Influence of Torsion on Transmission Function Asymetric Twin Core Fibre flash_logo_35
261 - 264
Application of Open Circuit Voltage Decay to the Characterization of p/n+ and n/p+ Epitaxial Layer flash_logo_35
265 - 268
Characterization of High Energy Irradiated MOS Structures Using the Capacitance Methods flash_logo_35
269 - 272
Position Control of Linear Synchronous Motor Drives with Exploitation of Forced Dynamics Control Principles flash_logo_35
273 - 277
Automated DC Substation Short-Current Evaluation flash_logo_35
278 - 280
Differential and Integral Models of TOKAMAK flash_logo_35
281 - 285
Distribution of the Current Density in Electrolyte of the Pem Fuel Cell flash_logo_35
286 - 290
Distribution of Electrochemical Reaction Components in Crevice Corrosion Cell flash_logo_35
291 - 295
An Exploration of Canoeing Action as Therapy for Spinally Injured People flash_logo_35
296 - 298
Investigation of High - Frequency Electromagnetic Fields Radiated by Mobile Phone flash_logo_35
299 - 301
Voigt Size-Strain Broadening Of Pd Thin Films flash_logo_35
302 - 304
Characterization of Unipolar Power Devices Technology flash_logo_35
305 - 307

Physics and Optics

Four-Wave Mixing Aplication in Semiconductor Optical Amplifier flash_logo_35
21 - 24