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7th International Conference ELEKTRO 2008

Table of Contents

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Diagnostics and Reconfiguration of Control Systems flash_logo_35
15 - 20
Triple Play Service and IPTV Services Offered within it flash_logo_35
33 - 35
Algorithm Design for Assignment Frequency Channels for Services in CATV Network flash_logo_35
36 - 39
The Parametric Model for PLC Reference Chanells and its Verification in Real PLC Environment flash_logo_35
40 - 43
Formation of Signals Harmonized with the Channel of Connection with Different Quality Criteria flash_logo_35
44 - 47
Semantic Analysis of Multimedial Information Usign Both Audio and Visual Clues flash_logo_35
48 - 50
SD LMS L-Filters for Filtration of Gray Level Images in Timespatial Domain Based on GLCM Features flash_logo_35
51 - 54
New Mixer Used in Direct Frequency Synthesizer flash_logo_35
55 - 58
The Model of Communication Channel in the 802.11b Standard Wireless Network flash_logo_35
59 - 61
Optimalization of Beacon Selection for Localization in Wireless AD-HOC Networks flash_logo_35
62 - 65
Mathematical Models of MIMO Channel flash_logo_35
66 - 70
Pulse Response Measurement and Processing by Six-Port Reflectometr flash_logo_35
71 - 73
Directional Pattern Analysis of a Linear Phased Antenna flash_logo_35
74 - 77
Mathematical Model of Thyristor Inverter Including a Series-parallel Resonant Circuit flash_logo_35
78 - 83
Commutation Processes in Multiresonant ZVS Bridge Converter flash_logo_35
84 - 91
New Configuration of Traction Converter with Medium-Frequency Transformer: Primary Part flash_logo_35
92 - 95
The Simulation of the Traction Drive with Middle-Frequency Transformer flash_logo_35
96 - 98
ZVZCS PWM DC-DC Converter with Energy Recovery Clamp flash_logo_35
99 - 102
Analysis of PMMT Operation for Renewable (PV/FC) Energy Source flash_logo_35
103 - 105
Using of the Modern Semiconductor Devices Based on the SiC flash_logo_35
106 - 109
Design and Realization of Laser Diode Power Supply flash_logo_35
110 - 113
Comparison of an Analog Behavioral and Transistor Level Model of Operational Amplifier flash_logo_35
114 - 116
Accumulation Systems of Electric Energy Solved by Multicriteria Analysis Methods IPA and Topsis flash_logo_35
117 - 120
Economy of Renewable Resources of Energy Operation flash_logo_35
121 - 124
Partial Discharge Measurement in Operation: Problems with Disturbances and their Removing flash_logo_35
125 - 127
A Study of Appropriate Arrangement of Thermoelastic Actuator flash_logo_35
128 - 133
High-Freqeuncy Analysis of Three-Winding Autotransformers 400/121/34 kV flash_logo_35
134 - 136
Reduction of Harmonics by 18-Pulse Rectifier flash_logo_35
137 - 139
The Assessment of Working Conditions of Traction Substation for Power and Reactive Energy flash_logo_35
140 - 142
Quality of Power Supply in European View flash_logo_35
143 - 146
Estimation of Energy Not Supply flash_logo_35
147 - 149
PROMETHEE Method and Sensitivity Analysis in the Software Application for the Support of Decision-Making flash_logo_35
150 - 153
Determination of Criteria Weights in Terms of Computer Software flash_logo_35
154 - 157
Maintenance Optimization of High Voltage Substation Model flash_logo_35
158 - 161
Calculation of Forces Acting on Bars of Induction Machina flash_logo_35
162 - 164
On the Damper Cage Bar´s Currents Calculation Forsalient Pole Large Synchronous Machina flash_logo_35
165 - 170
Influence of Electric Discharges on Bearings of Electric Machina flash_logo_35
171 - 174
Relaxing Oscillation of the Machine-Unit flash_logo_35
175 - 178
Operating of Small Wind Power Plants with Induction Generators flash_logo_35
179 - 182
The Magnetic Fields of Electric Motors and their EMC flash_logo_35
183 - 186
Analytical Method of Malculation of the Current and Torque a Reluctance Stepper Motor via Fourier Series flash_logo_35
187 - 190
Traction Transformer 1 MV.A, Superconducting, Oil-immersed and Medium Frequency flash_logo_35
191 - 194
Sliding Mode Flux Observer of Induction Motor flash_logo_35
195 - 197
Position Control of PMSM in Sliding Mode flash_logo_35
198 - 201
Application of Space Vector Modulation in Direct Torque Control of PMSM flash_logo_35
202 - 205
Mathematical Model and Computational Analysis of Selected Transient States of Cylindrical Linear Induction Motor Fed via Frequency Converter flash_logo_35
206 - 211
The Study of Several Variants of the Traction Drive with Middle-Frequency Transformer flash_logo_35
212 - 214
The Possibility to Constitute an Interoperability of EFC in the Central and Eastern Europe flash_logo_35
215 - 218
Security of Information Flows in Transport, as an Important Item of Crisis Management within Transport Systems flash_logo_35
219 - 222
Analysis of Setups of the Control of Rail Microprocessor Systems flash_logo_35
223 - 226
Risk Analysis of Safety-Critical Control Systems flash_logo_35
227 - 230
Common Protocol for Distributed Network File System flash_logo_35
231 - 234
On-board Unit and its Possibilities of Communications on Safety and Security Principles flash_logo_35
235 - 238
Trends in Control Area of PLC Reliability and Safety Parameters flash_logo_35
239 - 242
Modelling of Safety Fieldbus System via SW Tool SHARPE flash_logo_35
243 - 246
Principles of Audio Watermarking flash_logo_35
247 - 249
Hidden Markov Models in Speech Recognition flash_logo_35
250 - 252
Overview of Distributed Control Systems Formalisms flash_logo_35
253 - 256
Methods of Risk Analysis of Telematic Objects flash_logo_35
257 - 260
Estimates of Quantities in a Hall Effect Geodynamo Theory flash_logo_35
261 - 264
Numerical Modelling of Electromagnetic Field in a Tornado flash_logo_35
265 - 268
Numerical Modelling of the Special Light Source with Novel R-FEM Method flash_logo_35
269 - 272
Experiments with the Effect of Non-Homogenous Parts into Materials flash_logo_35
273 - 275
Experiments with Accuracy of the Air Ion Field Measurement flash_logo_35
276 - 279
A Passive Optical Location with Limited Range flash_logo_35
280 - 283
Numerical Solution of Magnetostatic Field of Maglev System flash_logo_35
284 - 287
Integral Solution of 3D Electric Field of a Disconnector flash_logo_35
288 - 291
Analysis of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields Radiated by Powerful Sources flash_logo_35
292 - 294
Total Eddy Currents Induced in Screens of a Symmetrical Three-Phase Single-Pole Gas-Insulated Transmission Line (GIL) flash_logo_35
295 - 300
Effective Deffect Identifications in Honeycombs flash_logo_35
301 - 304
Combination of Deterministic and Stochastic Aproaches to the Image Reconstruction flash_logo_35
305 - 308
Improving the Method of the Calibration Multichannel Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors for Measurements with Angle Problems flash_logo_35
309 - 314
Effect of Measurement Conditions on Barkhausen Noise Parameters flash_logo_35
315 - 317
Advances in Eddy-Current Non-Destructive Evaluation flash_logo_35
318 - 321
Recent Trends in Electromagnetic Non-Destructive Sensing flash_logo_35
322 - 325
Pulsed Excitation in Eddy Current Non-Destructive Testing of Conductive Materials flash_logo_35
326 - 329
Inspection of Conductive Prosthetic Replacements using Electromagnetic Methods of Non-Destructive Testing flash_logo_35
330 - 333
Some Thoughts on Electrical Interventions for the Control of Tremor in Parkinson's Dinase flash_logo_35
334 - 337
Electromechanical Model of Blood Flow in Vessels flash_logo_35
338 - 341
The EEG Signal Prediction by Using Neural Network
342 - 345
Application of Neutral Network by EEG Signal Classification flash_logo_35
346 - 349
Measurement Evaluation of EMF Effect by Mobile Phone on Human Head Phantom flash_logo_35
350 - 353
Temperature Dependence of Biological Tissues Complex Permitivity at Microwave Frequencies flash_logo_35
354 - 357
Iterrative Correction of Measurement with Averaging of Dithered Samples flash_logo_35
358 - 361
A New Identification Method of Both Magnetization Characteristic and Parameters of an Unloaded Transformer flash_logo_35
362 - 364
Optimalization Method of EMI Power Filters and its Measurement flash_logo_35
365 - 368
On Nanometer Ordering in thin Amorphous Hydrogenated Silicon flash_logo_35
369 - 372
Modeling of A-DLTS Spectra of MOS Structures flash_logo_35
373 - 376
Ofstatistical and Fractal Properties of Semiconductor Surface Roughness flash_logo_35
377 - 381
Sputtered of ZnO:Al thin Films for Application in Photovoltaic Solar Cells flash_logo_35
382 - 384
Simulation of Electrical Parameters for Ru/Ta2O5/SiO2/Si(p) High-k MOS Structure flash_logo_35
385 - 388
The Resistance of Breakdown in Transformer Oil flash_logo_35
389 - 392
Magnetic Spectra Analysis of Dielectrics flash_logo_35
393 - 397
New Nanocrystalline Materials for Power Electronics Applications flash_logo_35
398 - 400
Electromagnetic Properties of Selected Hexaferrites flash_logo_35
401 - 405
High-Frequency EMI Noise Suppression by Polymer-Based Composite Magnetic Materials flash_logo_35
406 - 409

Physics and Optics

Future of Electrotechnics: Ferrofluids flash_logo_35
9 - 14
Analysis of Simulated Reflection Characteristics of Uniform and Apodized Fiber Bragg Gratings flash_logo_35
21 - 24
WDM in Courses of Communication Technologies flash_logo_35
25 - 28
Full-Optical Logical Gates for Optical Signal Processing flash_logo_35
29 - 32