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Foreword about Professor Branislav Dobrucky senior member of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society and the Professor at the Department of Mechatronics and Electronics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, University of Zilina:

"Dear readers and editor,
it is a great honor for me to address you by a few words. From my point of view, today’s power electronic systems are creating by the conjunction of electrical controlled drives, mechatronics, electric traction & power engineering on the one side, and its parts are microelectronic, microcomputers Digital Signal Processors (DSPs), automation & informatics and communications on the other side. So, as you see, it is a complex matter and only the versatile interdisciplinary educated one can handle all the necessary particulars for works in the field of power electronics. The scientific journals among which Advances in Electrical and Electronic Engineering includes can help you apply now and in future in this field of technology. I would like to wish you many success, papers and citations in your journal in the future.


Table of Contents

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

A Novel Enhanced Connection of AC/AC Powertrain for HEV - Modelling and Simulation Results flash_logo_35
253 - 260
Control Strategy for Switched Reluctance Motor With Rotary Encoder Based Rotor Position Detection flash_logo_35
261 - 270
Design and Prototyping of Directly Driven Outer Rotor Permanent Magnet Generator for Small Scale Wind Turbines flash_logo_35
271 - 278
Marine Current Turbine System Post-Fault Behavior under an Open Circuit Fault flash_logo_35
279 - 287
Simulation of Selected Induction Motor Operating Conditions Using COMSOL Software flash_logo_35
288 - 296
Disturbances Elimination with Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control for Mobile Robot Trajectory Tracking flash_logo_35
297 - 310
A Neural Network Based Response Model for High Voltage Circuit-Breaker Testing flash_logo_35
311 - 317
Time-Frequency Represetation of Radar Signals Using Doppler-Lag Block Searching Wigner-Ville Distribution flash_logo_35
318 - 331
Position Estimation Bias Analysis of a Multilateration System with a Reference Station Selection Technique flash_logo_35
332 - 340
Optimization of Nonuniform Linear Antenna Array Topology flash_logo_35
341 - 349
Development and Investigation of Mathematical Model of an Optoelectronic Sensor of Methane Concentration flash_logo_35
350 - 360
System-Level Leakage Power Estimation Model for ASIC Designs flash_logo_35
361 - 366

Physics and Optics

Potentiostatic Electrodeposition of Cu2O under Light and Dark for Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Generation Applications flash_logo_35
367 - 373
GaInNas/GaAs QW Based Structures to Compensate Parasitic Effect of Quantum-Confined Stark Effect in Photodetector Applications flash_logo_35
374 - 379
Perspective of Buried Oxide Thickness Variation on Triple Metal-Gate (TMG) Recessed-S/D FD-SOI MOSFET flash_logo_35
380 - 387