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Knowledge in Telecommunication Technologies and Optics 2014

Foreword about Victor Rangel-Licea, Professor, member of the Department of Telecommunications, Faculty of Engineering, National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM):

"As it is showed in my latest book on the field of Broadband Wireless Access networks based on LTE and LTE-Advanced, the major challenges are towards improvements at lower layers. Specifically, numerous changes in the PHY layer and the RRC/RLC/MAC sub layers can be expected to support larger data rates with more flexible allocations, using further antenna technologies, coordinated base stations, enhanced scheduling algorithms, interference management, relays, 8x8 MIMO technology and the latest but not least, massive MIMO."


Table of Contents

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Impact of Nodal Centrality Measures to Robustness in Software-Defined Networking flash_logo_35
252 - 259
Modelling of Data Stream Time Characteristics for Use of Inverse Multiplexer flash_logo_35
260 - 264
Increasing Robustness of Multi-homed Systems in Heterogeneous Environment flash_logo_35
265 - 270
Trust Based Algorithm for Candidate Node Selection in Hybrid MANET-DTN flash_logo_35
271 - 278
Smart Traffic Management Protocol Based on VANET architecture flash_logo_35
279 - 288
Reduction of Packet Loss by Optimizing the Antenna System and Layer 3 Coding flash_logo_35
289 - 293
Multipath TCP in LTE Networks flash_logo_35
294 - 300
Automatic Loss Adjustment for CDMA2000 and 1xEV-DO Standard for Downlink and Uplink flash_logo_35
301 - 306
Financial Time Series Modelling with Hybrid Model Based on Customized RBF Neural Network Combined With Genetic Algorithm flash_logo_35
307 - 318
Comparative Method for Indirect Sensitivity Measurement of UHF RFID Reader with Respect to Interoperability and Conformance Requirements flash_logo_35
319 - 324
On-line Monitoring of VoIP Quality Using IPFIX flash_logo_35
325 - 333
Contribution to the Management of Traffic in Networks flash_logo_35
334 - 340
Speech Quality Measurement of GSM Infrastructure Built on USRP N210 and OpenBTS Project flash_logo_35
341 - 346

Computer Science and Information Technology

3D Modelling with Structured Light GAMMA Calibration flash_logo_35
347 - 353
Segmentation of Mushroom and Cap width Measurement using Modified K-Means Clustering Algorithm flash_logo_35
354 - 360
Modelling Packet Departure Times using a Known PDF flash_logo_35
361 - 367
Impact of H.264/AVC and H.265/HEVC Compression Standards on the Video Quality for 4K Resolution flash_logo_35
368 - 376
Network Degradation Effects on Different Codec Types and Characteristics of Video Streaming flash_logo_35
377 - 383